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From "Marcel Gleis" <>
Subject mailing list archive available? / Invoker class
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 21:50:14 GMT
Hello out there,

1. sorry for the following question... but where can I find a public
mailing list archive of these mailing lists?


2. I think I have an idea for an improvement of the Invoker.class.
Currently all incoming xmlrpc requests are converted to "general
purpose" Types ( e.g. <struct>
=> java.util.Hashtable. Wouldn't it be nice if the invoker not only
searches for methods with these "unhandy" types as parameters but also
for methods with JavaBeans as parameters?

Hm, bad english ;-) Little example for "old" and "new" styled Invokers:

Let's suppose, that I have a guestbook and want to add an "Entry" to it.
An "Entry" should consist of the following properties: String name,
String comment.


// "easy" way
public boolean addEntry(String guestbookId, String name, String
// "flexible" way
public boolean addEntry(String guestbookId, Hashtable entry);


// "desirable" way
public boolean addEntry(String guestbookId, Entry entry);

I think this would be great. With this flexibility the methods defined
in the handlers could be used in other ways, too (not only for this

The problem is quite evident. The invoker needs to "guess" which method
he has to call. But in my mind there's hovering an idea. Maybe some
"BeanUtils" magic could be created to solve this...

What do you think?

greets from germany,

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