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From Rufus Buschart <>
Subject xmlrpc.WebServer stopps without error
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 00:12:16 GMT

i wrote a small example application, which is supposed to start a 
xml-rpc server:

import org.apache.xmlrpc.WebServer;;

public class NoteServer {

     public static void main (String args[]) {
     	System.out.println("Start NoteServer");
	try {
	    WebServer xmlrpcServer = new WebServer (9117);
	    System.out.println("Webserver started");
	    xmlrpcServer.addHandler ("notes", new NoteHandler ());
	    System.out.println("Handle registered");
	} catch (Exception e) {
	    System.out.println ("Error starting XML-Server" + e);
	System.out.println("NoteServer started");


But what it does is:

btr2pal@palpc22 ~/home/Webservices/NoteHandler
$ java NoteServer
Start NoteServer
Webserver started
Handle registered
NoteServer started

btr2pal@palpc22 ~/home/Webservices/NoteHandler

Well and that's it. No error message, nothing. It simply quits. Does 
somebody of you have any idea?



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