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From "John Wilson" <>
Subject Re: Entity references incorrectly sent
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 07:59:33 GMT
Jesus M. Salvo Jr. wrote:
> John Wilson wrote:
>> That's what it is supposed to do.
>> Just do:
>> hashParams.put( "msg", "£" );
>> and the system will deal with the encoding for you.
> That will not work if the parameters came from an external source,
> where the external source literally has &#163; .... and you and me
> have no control over it.

XML-RPC delivers the string it is given. If you pass "&#163;" as a parameter
then that is the exactly value that it will present to the other end of the
wire. The system does not and cannot know that you intend &#163; to be a
character entity. The code you quote from Xerces will do the same as the
XML-RPC code if getEntityRef( '&'); returns "&amp;" as I believe that it

> The point is that XML-RP, being based on XML, is not using the proper
> way of writing / serializing entities

I believe that it is.

John Wilson
The Wilson Partnership

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