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From Greg Barnett <>
Subject Re: Really large amounts of data, was Re: XML-RPC for Database Access
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:01:40 GMT
I've checked out the code from CVS following the directions at, and looked at the JavaDocs at

I see CommonsXmlRpcTransport, but CommonsXmlRpcClient and 
CommonsXmlRpcTransportFactory are not listed.

XmlRpcClient requires an XmlRpcTransportFactory, so I'm not seeing 
exactly how to construct a client using CommonsXmlRpcTransport.  A bit 
of sample code showing me how this works would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan Hoegg wrote:

> If you use the code in CVS HEAD, you can plug in a 
> CommonsXmlRpcClient, which supports HTTP 1.1

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