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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: Really large amounts of data, was Re: XML-RPC for Database Access
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 01:55:32 GMT
Hi Greg,

For my uses using a CommonsXmlRpcTransport as an argument to 
XmlRpcClient.execute() worked well, since I wanted to manage my 
HttpClient outside of the XmlRpcClient.  We will definitely need to 
round the library out with a CommonsXmlRpcTransportFactory, and make 
sure we handle multithreading right.  Also, if you want to use HTTP 
authentication, you will need to modify the transport, look for the TODO 
in the source.

HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient(getURL());
// configure as you please
CommonsXmlRpcTransport xtransport = new CommonsXmlRpcTransport(getURL(), 
// I needed HTTP 1.1
// xtransport.setHttp11(true);
// that could also be done directly on the HttpClient
XmlRpcClient xmlrpc = new XmlRpcClient(getURL());

// ...

XmlRpcRequest request = new XmlRpcRequest(methodName, params);
Object result = xmlrpc.execute(request, xtransport);

OK, now that I've typed up that example I see some room for improvement 
of the API :)  Hopefully soon I'll have a project where I can justify 
spending some time reworking it...

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

Greg Barnett wrote:

> I've checked out the code from CVS following the directions at 
>, and looked at the JavaDocs at
> I see CommonsXmlRpcTransport, but CommonsXmlRpcClient and 
> CommonsXmlRpcTransportFactory are not listed.
> XmlRpcClient requires an XmlRpcTransportFactory, so I'm not seeing 
> exactly how to construct a client using CommonsXmlRpcTransport.  A bit 
> of sample code showing me how this works would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Greg
> Ryan Hoegg wrote:
>> If you use the code in CVS HEAD, you can plug in a 
>> CommonsXmlRpcClient, which supports HTTP 1.1

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