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From Michael Martinez <>
Subject Re: XML-RPC for Database Access
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 23:15:36 GMT

    I can't help you with the examples, but I can tell you
    that I am creating a similar app that utilizes XML-RPC
    to get data from a JDO Database Server to clients.

    Performance and reliability are noticably better with
    XML-RPC protocal.  My  old legacy app utilized ODBC
    which was slower and notoriously would fail for no
    reasonable reason.  Utilizing the built in webserver
    and a wrapper class to get to the JDO database, I had
    a prototype system up within a day.  I've spent more
    time debugging network configuration than any code
    directly related to XML-RPC....

    My 2 cents...


On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 09:35 AM, Shawn Evans wrote:

> I am pretty new to Java and even newer to JAX-RPC.  Does anyone know of 
> any examples of how XML-RPC has been utilized for Database Access?  
> Authentication of a user, viewing of data, updating tables, persistance?  
> I am thinking of using XML-RPC for an application deployed on the web 
> with WebStart (JNLP) since it is lighter than JDBC drivers.  Any ideas on 
> why not to do it this way?
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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