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From Tom Bradford <>
Subject Re: Feature idea: gzip encoding and XMLRPC
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 20:19:07 GMT
I don't know how good of an idea this is.   Most XML-RPC  messages are 
relatively small, mostly fitting neatly within the space of one UDP 
packet.  Compressing them would only impose the overhead of compressing 
a small message, which may not even yield good results.

Seems like an unneeded optimization (and possibly a performance 
degradation) to me.

Tom Bradford -
CTO - The dbXML Group -
Project Labrador -

Dylan McNamee wrote:
> I just drew a Google-blank on this topic (so I'm not too hopeful) but I 
> thought I'd ask anyway: how easily could I "silently slip in" gzip 
> encoding at the HTTP-level underneath XMLRPC-Java?
> I've been happily making a verbose XMLRPC protocol, and now am finding 
> myself with a bandwidth bottleneck...rather than trying to make my 
> XMLRPC more terse, gzipping it would be way more effective. XML 
> compresses like a dream!
> Reflecting on my request (and the Javadocs), I think this would be a 
> subclass of XmlRpcClient (GzipXmlRpcClient)...but before I embark on 
> doing that, I thought I'd check the list whether a) it's been done, b) 
> it's really easy or hard to do, or c) it shouldn't be done (like my 
> sessions with cookies idea).
> Thanks!
> dylan

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