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From Phil Wilson <>
Subject Re: Modifying HTTP request headers
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 15:32:46 GMT
Thanks Ryan,

I was planning to use their SOAP API in the long term (for which they do 
provide a sample java client using Apache Axis), but had hoped to use 
XML-RPC for prototyping purposes (for which they don't).

FWIW, I believe that the latest version (2.5) of the Salesforce web 
services only supports SOAP. It would be interesting to know why they 
deprecated XML-RPC support, and I wonder if it had anything to do with 
this issue (as I suspect take-up would have been low).

Thanks for the pointers to the 2.0 version of the XML-RPC library.


Ryan Hoegg wrote:

> Hi Phil,
> I used an older version of their web services and 1.1 as released is not 
> a viable option.  I have used Apache XML-RPC to access's 
> API but I basically used 2.0 which is still pre-alpha.  If you want to 
> look into it check out cvs HEAD and look for the CommonsXmlRpcClient.  I 
> posted an example usage to this list a month or two ago.  Unfortunately, 
> that's the real unstable branch.
> IIRC they have an SDK with a java client for their API, and they also 
> offer a SOAP wrapper for their service.  You might try those options.
> -- 
> Ryan Hoegg
> ISIS Networks
> Phil Wilson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> A project I'm working on uses the web services[1]. In 
>> order to use their XML-RPC interface I need to be able to specify the 
>> content of the "Cookie" HTTP request header (the value of which is 
>> specified by the return from an initial login).
>> Is there any way of doing this in the 1.1 release? I know that towards 
>> the end of 2002 Ryan Hoegg was looking at integrating the commons 
>> HttpClient to isolate the HTTP level. Did this ever get anywhere?
>> For various political reasons, using an unstable branch (i.e. 1.2) 
>> isn't a solution for me at the moment.
>> Thanks,
>> Phil
>> [1]
> .

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