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From Filippo Capocasale <>
Subject XML-RPC server suddently stops responding
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 13:37:08 GMT
   Hello everybody!
I am facing a severe problem and I really hope someone may help me.
I have a java application running on Solaris.
This application starts an xml-rpc servers, and some handler is registered.
I am using the version 1.2-b1 of Apache xml-rpc.
I have a huge number of clients connecting to this xml-rpc server.
Everything works correctly for several days (i.e. thowsands of connections); then, suddently,
the server stops responding.
I don't see any error in the logs of my application, the process is still up and running (the
same application has got another xml-rpc server listening on another port and it works perfectly),
the server seems to be in listening on the port (I see it by the command netstat -a).
On the client side I see the error: "Unexpected end of file from server".
It looks like the server truncates every incoming connection.
There is no problem with firewalls: I've also tried to run a client on the same machine.
If I restart my application everything restarts working fine.
Well, this is the situation, and I really don't know what to do...
I just hope it is not an overload problem...

I would really apreciate every help or suggestion!!!
   Thankyou very much,

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