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From "Man, Tsjok-Wing" <>
Subject RE: [Newbie Question]Parsing a text/xml result
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 09:58:39 GMT

The xmlrpc.execute call will create the necessary structures automatically
for you. There's a list of mappings between Java types and XMLRPC-types in
the documentation somewhere. You don't have to parse the XMLRPC response
yourself, that's what the xmlrpc-library is for! 

for example the following response:

This will be automatically mapped by xmlrpc to a Vector containing two

So your code will need to cast the result to a Vector first:
Vector result;

result = (Vector) xmlrpc.execute ("", params);

And to get the info out:
Iterator results;
results = result.iterator();
while (results.hasNext()) {
	Hashtable organisation = (Hashtable);
	System.out.println("org name: " + organisation.get("org"));
	System.out.println("org country: " + organisation.get("country"));

This will print:
org name: Foo
org country: Holland
org name: Bar
org country: UK

Hope this helps,



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Van: bagas []
Verzonden: vrijdag 5 maart 2004 10:55
Onderwerp: [Newbie Question]Parsing a text/xml result

Dear all,
Suppose I have sent a remote procedure call
String result = (String) xmlrpc.execute ("", params);
And get result. 
The result itself is a String containing a XML-RPC message.
The Question is how can I extract the Result XML to Vector or an array?
Thank you very much.

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