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From John Wilson <>
Subject Re: XML over XML-RPC
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 06:26:07 GMT

On 20 May 2004, at 05:35, Jason Wyatt wrote:

> Hi,
> We've been using the Apache XML-RPC 1.1 library for a few projects and 
> it's been great. In the last project our GUI was talking to the server 
> over wireless and we couldn't use SQLNET. So we implemented a remote 
> database query over XML-RPC, where you could pass an SQL string to the 
> XML-RPC server and it would do the query on the central database then 
> return the response as a vector of hashtables, one hashtable per row. 
> This worked fine.
> Now we have implemented some stored procedures on the central database 
> that return an XML document as a CLOB. We want to call these stored 
> procedures through the same mechanism.
> I have couple of questions:
> 1. Are there any issues with sending XML in a String over XML-RPC in 
> the apache v1.1 implementation?

This should work fine

> 2. Is there any fundamental limit to the size of the XML-RPC response?

The XML spec requires that the content-length header be present in the 
HTTP transaction. This means that the request and the response will 
need to be assembled in memory before it is sent. This gives an upper 
bound to the size of both the request and the response.

John Wilson
The Wilson Partnership

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