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From "Damon Hill" <>
Subject New to the technology
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 14:04:02 GMT
Good day.
I am new to using XML-RPC, however, it appears to fit a niche for a
current project I am developing.
The project is a wireless, handheld, data-gathering, java application.
The application will gather data on the handheld as well as images,
compile those into XML format, and then send them to a central server
over cellular modem for processing.
The server will accept simple HTTP requests.
The server will also, upon request, send XML data back to the handheld
for processing.
XML-RPC appears to be exactly what we are looking for to perform this
send/receive procedure.
Now, the questions I have are few and may become more and I read through
the spec for XML-RPC.
To begin:
    1) All of the examples I see for XML-RPC include the calling of a
method to perform some action and return a result for that action. In
    my example, I am just curious if instead of sending some arguments
to process, I simply want to send files as my arguments for the server 
    to handle. I would assume this is quite easy to perform, but just
wanted to know if others had done this. Thoughts?
    2) In correlation to #1 I am looking to send across images as well
that would relate to information in the XML file. I would assume once 
    again that this is quite similar if not identical to the
implementation above. Has anyone had experience using XML-RPC for this
type of 
Thanks in advance for any insight and advice.
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