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From Dylan McNamee <>
Subject checking out xml-rpc 1.2 source (and 2.0 vs. exceptions...)
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 23:22:36 GMT
Hello --

I'm having some (more) issues with xmlrpc and sending UTF in XMLRPC
messages.  Soooo:

1) I tried checking out the latest ws-xmlrpc source, in the hopes that
the XmlWriter changes made it into that branch. It built fine (nice
work to the packagers), BUT: in the very place that 1.2b1 threw a nice,
friendly, explanatory message that there was an illegal character in
the XML stream, 2.0 silently does nothing.  No exception, no message
sent. Ouch!

2) I can't build the 1.2b1 source, because it uses all sorts of
libraries that I've never heard of, and that don't seem to be in the
archives any more. Perusing my xmlrpc archives, I see that b2 has
removed these dependencies (hooray!), but I can't find out where to
check out that version from...

cvs -d xml-rpc

didn't do do I get it?


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