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From "George Peristerakis" <>
Subject RE: Is it a bug in the XmlRpcSupport.class(inner class of SimpletXmlRpcClient.class)
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 14:36:39 GMT

I know this might be a bit far fetched, but in the objectParsed function an
assert should be placed to see if the variable result is null. I assume that
if the assert is triggered, then the function is called more then once,
which overrides the previous data (ei: the recursion is not properly set


 -----Original Message-----
From: xiaobing liu []
Sent: May 21, 2004 10:23
Subject: Is it a bug in the XmlRpcSupport.class(inner class of


  I' ve downloaded the ,  imported it to my project
and rebuilded it.  I used JSXmlRpcApplet, XmlRpcApplet, SimpletXmlRpcClient
and the classes needed.

  The SimpleXmlRpcClient doesn't work properly when the server sends back a
struct(array/hashtable). I debuged and found :
  1.The response xml ByteStream is right.
  2.The John Wilson'sMinML parser works nice without using
XmlRpcSupport.class as  MinML 's DocumentHandler
      line 202         parser.setDocumentHandler(this);
  3. But the v.value is  null in the  endElement() method
     line 437 objectParsed(v.value);

  I changed the  statement: ObjectParsed(v.value) in the

  if ( v.type == ARRAY)
      objectParsed( v.array );
  } else if ( v.type == STRUCT )
      objectParsed ( v.struct );
  } else
      objectParsed ( v.value );
  then it works.

  But it  still  does not  work properly when the array/struct is recursive

  I'm not  sure if  it's  a bug.   Could you give me some suggestions about

  Thanks in advance!

  Xiaobing Liu

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