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From "George Peristerakis" <>
Subject Re-examine the problem with XmlRpcApplet class
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 22:12:11 GMT

I have a problem that was brought up a year ago, but I could not find a
solution in the mail archive to it:

When sending a request using the function execute to a server that returned
either a struct or an array, the function would return a null value. I
tested the same code using XmlRpcClient (from xmlrpc-1.2-b1.jar) and it
returned the expected vector. Here's a example using

class RPCApplet extends XmlRpcApplet
public void init( )
String uri = new String("/server/example.php");
Vector params = new Vector ();
params.addElement ("pam1");

this.initClient(80, uri);
Vector results = this.execute( "main.example", params );
//The value of results is null


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