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From "Pablo A. Salgado" <>
Subject Re: XMLRPC-JDOM support
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 00:26:38 GMT
How do you think I can pick up a JDOM object in the other side if that 
side is C/C++/PHP/etc.? Serialize and send a java object over network 
isn't XML-RPC. The types provides by XML-RPC spec are such that they can 
be implemented in any language.

Duke Tantiprasut wrote:

>Hi All,
>Do you know if there is an integration or any future plans for integration
>with JDOM? 
>In addition to the base types and vector and hashes, I would like to pass a
>JDOM object to the RPC call and pick it up on the other side. There must be
>a better way than to serialize the JDOM object into a string and re-parse it
>again on the other side. 
>Any suggestions?

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