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From Hari Cahyadi <>
Subject Ask about how to integrate XML RPC server with existing application server
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 11:32:33 GMT
Hi, I am newbie in XML-RPC, I built application with XML RPC, in the server side I use org.apache.xmlrpc.WebServer;
like this
   WebServer server = new WebServer(8082);
   server.addHandler("bankDana", new JavaServerBackEnd());
my question is:
1. how to stop and start this server like I use tomcat for example. In tomcat we can use catalina
start and catalina stop?
2. How to embed the XML-RPC library into an existing server framework like IBM websphere and
BEA weblogic?
3. How strong or how robust org.apache.xmlrpc.WebServer to handle request from client.
Thanx for the answer
Best Regard,
Hari Cahyadi

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