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From Michael Zwettler <>
Subject Re: connection keepalive
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 08:00:13 GMT

i checked the http headers (with tcpdump):

the xmlrpc-client sends a http 1.1 request with

   Connection: keep-alive

in the header. This is useless in http 1.1 because
- permanent connections are the default
- only "Connection: Close" is supported

The server sends the response without a "Connection:" entry
in the (http 1.1) header. This means the client should keep
the connection open.

After a few seconds, the client closes the connection.

Does the client expect a "Connection: keep-alive" from the


Michael Shillinger wrote:
> Michael,
> Are you sure the client is closing the connection and not the server?
> The server needs to support and allow keep-alive.
> When you setKeepAlive(true) you are simply telling the server that want and can handle
a persistent connection.
> The Server will normally respond whether will it allow keep-alive using,
> Connection: Keep-Alive
> -or-
> Connection: close
> see for more info.
> Check the header in the response to see how the server is responding.
> The best way to check is to use a sniffer (like Ethereal
> Mike

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