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From "Gabi" <>
Subject proxy authentication question
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:39:24 GMT
Hello to everybody, I'm used to make a client connection throught xml-rpc
but now I've to make it with proxy authentication.
If the proxy has no authentication, sending the parameters -DproxyUser
and -DproxyPassword from the command line to java program is enought but not
for authentication.
I've tried to use the deprecated method setBasicAuthentication, but I get an
http 407 error (proxy authentication error).

My usual code is something like:
XmlRpcClient client=new XmlRpcClient("http://....");
Vector args=new Vector();
args.addElement(new Integer(0));

Can somebody give a brief example of code of what to do to make the same
with proxy authentication and user "user" and password "pwd" for example?

Best regards.

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