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From Mailing List42 <>
Subject How to use XmlRpcClient.execute with a method()
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:53:21 GMT
Hi folks,

This is my first time sending to the list.  I've setup a server
application using a handler with the following:

public String pingme()
   return "hello world!";

I'm using the following client to call the server application: 

I'm calling the above server using the following type of call:

Vector params = new Vector();
String results ="";
Object serverResult = client.execute("pingme",params);
result =(String) serverResult;

The problem appears to be that I can't figoure out how to fill out
params so that it's essentially null because the handler method
doesn't accept any parameters.  The execute call seems to always
require one.  Is there another call I can use?  Am I just doing
something silly here?

Thanks for the help,

This is my first use of a mailing list so please be kind!

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