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From Craig Kelley <>
Subject Re: future of this library
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 15:44:48 GMT
Gabi wrote:

>I use the apache implementation and it works perfectly.
We've had to manually add-on gzip and SSL support.  We've also had to 
fix a buffer problem where Apache-XMLRPC will cause the JVM to issue a 
RST even though a server request was finished correctly (some boundary 
issue inside SAX, I think).

I know others have also done some work on the library, but there is no 
place to submit these bug fixes back to the project...  Yes, it works, 
but it would be nice for the Apache group to either give some XMLRPC 
access to Axis (since SOAP uses it), or spin this project off to somone 
else who will accept patches for it.

Craig Kelley
In-Store Broadcasting Network

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