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From Adam Taft <>
Subject Re: jetty with XML-RPC
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 23:42:25 GMT

Massive Boisson wrote:
> 1. Now it opens a new thread for every incomming request? 
> --> (Yes it opens new thread for every incomming request)

Yes, every incoming request spawns a new thread in WebServer.

> 2. But does it use one instance of myHandler, or does it create new instance 
> of myHandler for every request? 
> --> (It creates new instance of myHandler for every request)

No, I believe that only one instance of the class used as a handler is 
instantiated.  That is:

    server.addHandler("", new MyHandler());

will only create one MyHandler object and keep it around for incoming 
requests, not one seperate instance for each incoming request.  (Can 
someone verify this?)

This obviously has some implications on threading, since potentially 
multiple threads can have the same handler object at any given time. 
Local class variables of MyHandler would need to be synchronized, 
created as a ThreadLocal, or some other technique if you need to write 
to them.  Otherwise you risk having another thread (ie. another incoming 
request) change the state of your handler unexpectedly.

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