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From "Gabi" <>
Subject RE: future of this library
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 08:47:18 GMT
I use the apache implementation and it works perfectly.
I suppose that as no error is detected, and, it does the work, and no more
implementation can be done (because it does everything compliant with the
specifications, any add-on will be out of specification, so... no new
version will be available.
I use very much xmlrpc to communicate with the same apache implementation,
with other java implementations, once with a C++ xmlrpc with another
application in another company, and with a php implementation too.
I had never a problem, only recently with a kxmlrpc implementation in java
for mobile phones, that is old or dead many time ago and it does not work
correctly (it works 98% but fails for example sending "large" byte[] data
types (it exchanges some bytes inside the array!!!).

If a library is xmlrpc compliant and it works, it does not care if it has a
new version or is an old version for me, because it works.

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Enviado el: viernes, 04 de febrero de 2005 9:19
Asunto: future of this library


anyone knows how is this library supported or developer? Is it still
alive, or completely dead?

What can I do if I need small XML RPC library and no overbloated stuff
like Apache Axis (which maybe can do XML RPC too)? I was browsing list
of java implementations at and all are
old or dead. Or there was found some problem with XML RPC protocol and
it's now obsolete?

Thanks for any hint or suggestion,


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