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From "Jason Wyatt" <>
Subject mail archive
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 01:24:00 GMT
I noticed that I started getting spam a couple of weeks ago on my "work"
email account, for the first time in three years of using that work email
The reason is, I "only" use this email address for work, not normally for
anything else such as online registrations etc. I use a ''junk" hotmail
accout for online forms. It's been successful at preventing spam on the work
email account up until now.
So I did a google search for the work email address, and the only hits it
came up with were from the mail archive this list goes into:
I didn't realise the list was archived, so that was my own mistake... just
thought others might want to know.
Kind regards
Falun Gong: A peaceful meditation practice under persecution in China

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