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From "John M. Gabriele" <>
Subject A few basic questions, also looking for a tutorial/howto
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 04:08:10 GMT

I just downloaded xmlrpc 2.0:
xmlrpc-current.tar.gz  25-May-2005 15:53  448K  Apache XMLRPC downloads
and want to try my hand at a simple "hello world!"
client and server. Can someone please point me to
a tutorial or a recently-updated howto?

I can't find any docs (aside from API docs) at:

I also took a look here:
but it seems that the wiki could use a little TLC...

I read some of the howto:
but that seems to be sorely out of date (last updated
April 2001). I tried sending an email to the maintainer
(Eric Kidd), but it bounced back at me. Is anyone
maintaining the howto? I'm guessing there's no Java-
specific howto, since this one already has a Java
section to it:
(though, it uses "import helma.xmlrpc.*;", so I'm guessing
this section of that howto is also out of date).

I'm pretty new to RPC and web services in general. I've
implemented a small web service using Axis, but I'm really
only using it for RPC, and also only passing simple
args to my instance methods, so I'm thinking that I'd like
something a little more lightweight.

I've also heard about something called "REST", but have
found very few docs about it on the net. It seems like REST
is just like XML-RPC, except that instead of function calls,
you're using URLs.

Any insights appreciated! Also, I'm happy to update the
wiki if folks are kind enough to reply on this list.


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