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From "Mayer, Daniel S" <>
Subject random connection refusal
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 20:48:17 GMT
I have a server that is dealing with many connections and many calls...
It seems that after running awhile a client gets random connection refused: connect
So when I have threads for all of the handlers and the server is running
at less than 2% cpu, and as I understand it running its own thread pool
for connections made to the socket, why would a connection ever be
refused? If am sending many requests very fast, should I be initializing
the thread pool to something different than the default for the xml rpc
server? I have certain xml rpc messages that are critical and I really
want to guarantee the message is sent / received. Currently the server
handles other messages after this just fine and keeps handling other
requests quite fast, just randomly refuses a few connections here and
there? Ideas? Thoughts? Explanations? I am all wrong about everything in
the entire universe? Don't use XML RPC for critical messages? Don't wear
white after labor day?
Anyways any help would be appreciated, besides that xml RPC seems to be
really great.
Thanks in advance... 
Dan "xml rpc for p2p is fun for me" Man

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