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From "Yost, Steve" <>
Subject RE: Problem running test web server
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:21:02 GMT
> Hi Steve,
> I had a similar problem with the XMLRPC applet.  I didn't 
> build the source
> either.  If you look in the build.xml file which is in the XMLRPC-2.0
> directory and search for copy-deps, you will find some get statements.
> These get statements download several jar files which include
> commons-codec-1.1.jar.  I downloaded them manually.  The
> commons-codec-1.1.jar file is renamed to 
> commons-codec-1.3.jar.  For the
> applet I specified the jar files in the archive attribute of 
> the applet
> line in the html file that started the applet.  Since you are 
> running a
> server that won't be a requirement, although the server will 
> need to be
> able to find the jars.
> Good luck
> Cal

Hi Cal,

I had already downloaded the codec jars (tried both) and included them in my CLASSPATH. The
problem, it turned out, was that I was using an old 1.1.* JDK. Upgrading to a 1.4.* JDK fixed
the problem for me.


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