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From Ernst de Haan <>
Subject [ANN] XINS 1.3.0 comes with XML-RPC support
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:58:36 GMT
Summarized: The upcoming XINS 1.3.0 comes with built-in XML-RPC support.

About: XINS is a Java-based technology that allows you to define and
implement an RPC-service very easily. Since release 1.3.0 this service
can be accessed from a web browser, a SOAP-client and an
XML-RPC-client, all at the same time and all without redeploying or

XINS 1.3.0 is currently in the release candidate stage. Feedback is
highly appreciated!

For an introduction on XINS, see the Primer:

Download link for XINS 1.3.0 release candidate 2 (tar.gz and Windows installer):

Information regarding the XML-RPC calling convention is in the User Guide: (User Guide) (section on XML-RPC)

The XINS homepage:

Welcoming your comments,

Ernst de Haan

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