I would like to see security/ssl integrated as much as possible. Information and working examples on getting XMLRPC/SSL working is very sparse. The gzipCompression would be very welcomed as well.

From: Jochen Wiedmann [mailto:jochen.wiedmann@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2005 2:17 PM
To: xmlrpc-dev@ws.apache.org
Cc: xmlrpc-user@ws.apache.org
Subject: RfC: The Apache XML-RPC streaming branch


here's now my proposal for Apache XML-RPC 3, called the streaming
branch. It is an almost complete rewrite and not source compatible.
(Almost definitely the most important aspect to discuss.)

This announcement is a request for comments, flames (hopefully not
too much or too heavy :-), and any other type of discussions.

The new features are:

- Build system based on Maven 2
- Uses a standard JAXP 1.1 compliant SAX 2 parser (typically the one,
   that comes with your JRE).
- Assumes Java 1.2. In other words, it supports collections.
- Several so-called vendor extensions. Vendor extensions are clearly
   separated from the default mode, which is still compliant to the
   XML-RPC specification. For example, to enable request compression,
   you have to enable the properties "enabledForExtensions" (activate
   vendor extensions in general) and "gzipCompressing".

Available vendor extensions include:

- Streaming mode (doesn't set the content-length header); the
   streaming mode has an extremely low memory profile. This includes
   a streaming base64 encoder.
- Request and response compression (this features have always been
   available in version2, but haven't been clearly expressed as
   vendor extensions).
- Additional data types: Null, long, float, byte, short, DOM
   fragments, java.io.Serializable, JAXB objects

The streaming branches web site is available from


The maven 2 compliant distribution directory is