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From Tino Wildenhain <>
Subject Re: Sending data in an XML format using a string type
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 07:42:04 GMT
Am Donnerstag, den 08.12.2005, 17:35 -0700 schrieb
> Hi,
> The project I'm working on requires that data be sent in an XML format from
> client to server and the server will return data in XML format to the
> client.  The server side of the project is using the xmlrpc-c-1.2 project.
> My prototype also used xmlrpc-c-1.2 on the client side and could pass the
> XML formatted data to the server using a string type with no problems.
> Then I started using the xmlrpc-2.0-applet.jar from the xmlrpc-2.0 project.
> When using the same XML formatted data and adding it with the function
> addStringArg it doesn't work.  If the < are changed to &lt; and the > are
> changed to &gt; everything works OK with the xmlrpc-2.0-applet.jar.  Does
> anyone know why these two projects work differently or a way to make them
> work the same way?

Well, this all can be done (provided the correct quoting)
but sending XML as payload data in XML sounds rather silly
to me. Maybe the ajax aproach, where you send your
queries as get request (or even post) and get your answer
as XML data in exactly the way you need it? Just skipping
the extra XMLRPC layer?

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