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Subject Re: Sending data in an XML format using a string type
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 15:57:40 GMT

Another follow up to your original message.  We created a ajax and xmlrpc
prototype, in our testing the xmlrpc method was 40% faster than the ajax

             Tino Wildenhain                                               
             de>                                                        To 
             12/09/2005 04:01                                           cc 
                                       Re: Sending data in an XML format   
             Please respond to         using a string type                 

VILAND Guillaume RD-BIZZ-SOP schrieb:
> I'm not sure to understand why sending XML string in payload is silly ?
Could you explain ?
> If you consider XML-RPC as a "transport for RPC" protocol, it sounds very
> Regards

Yes, but the idea is to transport structures, not bulk data.
The structure is what makes XML in XMLRPC usefull. You eyeball
it and you immediately see the data. You load it into
your application and immediately have your objects with
attributes to work with. Now, when all you transport is a
big string with XML, you are basically double en- and
decoding. Sorry but for me this sounds silly :-)

Its like that russian pupet "matrjoschka"
where this a nice child game to open puppet
after puppet to still find another, smaller one
in it :-)

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