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From John Wilson <>
Subject Re: Unicode support
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:33:42 GMT

On 5 Jan 2006, at 15:22, Dennis Riedel wrote:

> Hello!
> I also got to this point about taking care of my encoding. I use  
> xml-rpc2.0, but my server uses ISO-8859-1 and not UTF-8. It is the  
> "XmlRpcServer" Implementation. I register handler at this server  
> with "addHandler()" and then, when an xml-rpc-request is recieved,  
> give it the InputStream by using "execute()".
> I looked for this get/set methods for the Encoding, but could only  
> find them in some kind of "Worker" class that I never instantiate  
> personally.
> Is it possible to set the encoding when using the small  
> "XmlRpcServer" ?
> Dennis

Are you actually experiencing an operational problem with this?

I have not run xml-rpc 2.0 but reading the code it appears that it  
uses numeric character escapes for all Unicode characters with code  
points > 127. This means that the encoding is effectively irrelevant.  
All Unicode characters should be transmitted safely no matter what  
encoding is used.

John Wilson
The Wilson Partnership

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