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From Goh Tor Meng <>
Subject Re: Treatment of CR in XmlWriter
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 14:24:37 GMT
Thanks! You've been a great help!

Tor Meng

John Wilson wrote:

> The XML spec (section 2.111 - End of Line Handling) requires the all  
> end of line sequences (CR, LF or CRLF) to replaced by a single LF  
> character. So the XML parser will make that substitution before  
> passing the text to the application. When we pass String data as a  
> parameter to an XML-RPC call we want to preserve the CR characters so  
> we replace them with a character reference. The XML parser will not  
> "normalise" a character reference but will replace the reference with  
> the actual CR character.
> So, in summary, we are doing this to ensure that all the characters  
> in the String are delivered unchanged to the recipient.
> An excellent resource on the XML spec is Tim Bray's Annotated version  
> It's not the very latest  
> version of the spec but I find it very useful.
> I hope this helps.
> John Wilson
> The Wilson Partnership

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