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From Dennis Riedel <>
Subject Re: Unicode support
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:22:45 GMT
I also got to this point about taking care of my encoding. I use 
xml-rpc2.0, but my server uses ISO-8859-1 and not UTF-8. It is the 
"XmlRpcServer" Implementation. I register handler at this server with 
"addHandler()" and then, when an xml-rpc-request is recieved, give it 
the InputStream by using "execute()".
I looked for this get/set methods for the Encoding, but could only find 
them in some kind of "Worker" class that I never instantiate personally.

Is it possible to set the encoding when using the small "XmlRpcServer" ?


John Wilson schrieb:

> On 31 Dec 2005, at 14:15, Jimisola Laursen wrote:
>> Hmm, I am not much into character encodings so bear with me.
>> Is it not possible to change the default encoding for XML-RPC?
>> About "the receiver implementing the XML spec..." - where do I start?
> The XML-RPC client and server classes have get/set Encoding methods.
> I have just checked and as of version 2.0 the default encoding is UTF8.
> Are you implementing your own XML-RPC client? If so you need to use a  
> proper XML parser which will take care of the character references  
> for you.
> If you are using the Apache XML-RPC implementation for client and  
> server then you really don;t need to worry about the encoding - your  
> Unicode strings will arrive unchanged. This should also be true if  
> you are using any other XML-RPC implementation, however there are a  
> lot of implementations out there and some may not be very good at  
> handling the full Unicode character set.
> John Wilson
> The Wilson Partnership

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