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From Tino Wildenhain <>
Subject Re: HTTP Authentication with XML-RPC Client / usage?
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 13:08:21 GMT schrieb:
> Using the way --- http:userid@password --- wont be cross platform I 
> suppose (its classified as a security flaw) All new browsers and XP with 
> SP2 has been patched NOT to allow usage this way.

Actually its http://username:password@host/path/

And its not a security flaw per se if not used in a buggy and brain
dead application like M$-internetexplorer :-)

Useragents are supposed to not send these strings literally over
the net - or in case of a webbbrowser dont construct relative
URLs from it or expose it to Javascript DOM.

XMLRPC does not use sublinks or relative paths so this is no
issue at all.

Kind regards

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