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From Simon Walter <>
Subject Client in a Server Thread?
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 09:11:08 GMT

i'm using xmlrpc for a simple client-server game.
I don't think xml-rpc is a good solution for this, but i have to us it.

Each client has a XmlRpcClientLite and a Webserver with Handlers.
The server has a Webserver and one XmlRpcClientLite for each

Currently the client sends a information to the server. The server
doesn't responce immediately. Instead he sends the information to all
other clients by making a xmlrpc call with the XmlRpcClientLite of
each Client-Session (the calling client not included).

Most times this works fine but sometimes I get a locked server with
full cpuload. I have Junit test for my gamerule algorithms so they
shouldn't be the problem.  If i do an linux strace on the locked
server i only get a single locked futex call.

Could this be a problem with xmlrpc?

What's wrong? Should i use only a single XmlRpcClient on the server
and switch the url or have the server to responce first before sending
the information to the other clients?

Simon Walter

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