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From John Buren Southerland <>
Subject RE: Client side timeout?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 21:40:08 GMT
You should still be able to manage your own threads, though that could
wander outside of the thread pool management.

I poked at the code though I would not feel comfortable trying to add a
timeout like that, which is unsupported in a jvm previous to 1.5

I need a better timeout as well.

I just realized that this was on the XMLRPC thread, I had been watching
the HttpClient thread to see if anyone had a response on a proposal for
a way to set a user timeout to go along with the connection and socket
timeouts already supported.  That support however, was added because the
underlying jvm started supporting those features on the socket class.
This timeout would need to be handled in the method execution.

here is what I use in another application for timeouts of httpclient
    private class TimeoutTimer extends TimerTask {
        private HttpMethod method=null;
        private int timeout=0;
        public void setTimeout( int i ) { timeout = i; }
        public int getTimeout() { return timeout; }
        public void setMethod( Object i ) { this.method = (HttpMethod)
i; }
        public HttpMethod getMethod() { return method; }

        public void run() {
            logger.error("Fetch URL Timed Out Due to user timeout of "+
(int) timeout/1000 +" seconds being reached");

then schedule it (using java 1.5) and execute your method:
    TimeoutTimer timeoutTimer = new TimeoutTimer();
    Timer timer = new Timer();

    //then create your method as usual.....

    timer.schedule(timeoutTimer, userTimeout);

Arguably, their must be a better way.  Does anyone do anything
Thanks, John

On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 15:56 -0500, Petersen, Jennifer wrote:

> I'm limited in what I can do because of J2EE/Websphere/Corporate
> standards. The request is part of a global transaction running on an
> applciation server thread in Websphere. As well there are issues
> accessing "container managed resources"on application threads.
> Bottom line is I need an exectue that does not block forever. seems to
> me that this would be the norm and an execute that waits for data
> foever the exception. no?
> So I am wondering if  there is  technical or spec reason for not
> supporting it or is it just oversight? 
> ie) what would be involved to add this feature. 
> thanks.
> --
> Jennifer
> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Buren Southerland []
> Sent: February 21, 2006 2:54 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Client side timeout?
>         Jennifer,
>         I have to do it now with a thread implementing a sort of
>         sigalarm, I don't see any other way to do it.   
>         Why can you not use another thread? 
>         On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 14:13 -0500, Petersen, Jennifer wrote: 
>         > I've searched high and low and can't seem to find a way to set a client
side timeout on a request. 
>         > 
>         > My requirement is to return with an error when a response to a request is
not returned within our SLA (say 2 seconds). Note that I cannot manage threads nor can I control
this at the service level (I don't own the server code).
>         > 
>         > I know this question has been asked before but I don't see answers/recommendations,
other than a suggestion to 
>         > use commons HttpClient. Is this the recommended approach? any sample code,
hint? anyone? :) 
>         > 
>         > thanks.
>         > 
>         > --
>         > Jennifer
>         > 
>         > 
>         > 

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