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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: system.listMethods is it available?
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2006 06:05:17 GMT
--- Felix Halim <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using xmlrpc (Java Server) from
> The client is using xmlrpc (Javascript Client) from
> To use jsolait, we need to manually specify all of
> the methods that
> are available on the server before we can make any
> call to the
> methods. However, if the server has a
> "system.listMethods" available,
> we are no longer need to "manually" list all of the
> method for
> jsolait. Jsolait will query the methods using xmlrpc
> call on
> system.listMethods to the server to get all of the
> available methods.
> My question is:  Do the Apache XML-RPC has the
> "system.listMethods"?
> Which job is to list all the handlers that have been
> added to the
> XmlRpcServer?
> Thanks,
> Felix Halim

You can create your own listMethods method and define
a handler and register it as being named
system/System.  You know which methods you will be
needing to use.  The main issue with XML-RPC and
something like what you are asking for is that
handlers can be POJOs which means all class methods
would be returned (public I would imagine) were such a
method to already exist, and if not POJO(Plain Old
Java Objects) then they will be XmlRpcHandler
instances which means execute is called and the
handler has it's own method of determining what to do
with the request.  This could even be a handler which
uses a map to point to different methods by name.  

But, it would be pretty easy for you to provide your
own such method (System.listMethods).  You know which
classes/handlers you will be needing on the server and
which methods.  So, you can simply have a
configuration you read and send the list back to the
client.  This might be easier to implement if you have
your own XmlRpcHandler implementation which you can
add these calls to and filter the methods back to your
client...basically adding your own registration of
methods through your APIs own entry point
(XmlRpcHandler base class) which you can extend to
give your handlers common functionality and methods,
maybe even some type of a defer method to the base
class before the extensions handle requests, and
obviously their own specifics.

So, the short answer is no there is no way of listing
all available methods, and the long answer is you an
add your own fairly easy depending on what you have
done on the backend, or you can always make a method
that simply returns a list from a properties file. 
Some of the stuff in XML-RPC 3.0 may help make doing
something like this easier as you could replace the
XmlRpcHandlerMapping to be able to use XmlRpcHandler
extensions which you give the ability to register and
retrieve method names so the mapping could return all
of the registered handlers methods.


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