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From Markus Fischer <>
Subject Exception in thread doesn't return error code to system
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:08:10 GMT
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first of all please excuse me writing this question here as I think
myself it doesn't have much to do with the apache xml-rpc library
itself. However I though it might be better asking people working with
the WebServer directly, maybe the answer simple.

When an exception happens, in my case

Exception in thread "XML-RPC Weblistener" java.lang.RuntimeException:
Address already in use"

the application returns to the system but no error code is given back to
the shell. I'm running a standalone application at the unix shell prompt.

Usually when an uncaught Exception occurs, it is returned "1" to the shell.

I *think* this is different here because org.apache.xmlrpc.WebServer is
using threads and the Listener thread throws this exception and not the
main thread.

I'm not very confident with Java so I wasn't able to figure out how I
can signal the shell that an error occurred in this special case.

I need this as I'm using a cronjob to start the application but in case
of errors a notification should be sent and currently I'm using the
return value at the shell prompt.

thanks for any pointers and sorry for this off-topic question,
- - Markus
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