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From Walter Mundt <>
Subject Re: system.listMethods is it available?
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 21:12:19 GMT
Felix Halim wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using xmlrpc (Java Server) from
> The client is using xmlrpc (Javascript Client) from
> To use jsolait, we need to manually specify all of the methods that
> are available on the server before we can make any call to the
> methods. However, if the server has a "system.listMethods" available,
> we are no longer need to "manually" list all of the method for
> jsolait. Jsolait will query the methods using xmlrpc call on
> system.listMethods to the server to get all of the available methods.
> My question is:  Do the Apache XML-RPC has the "system.listMethods"?
> Which job is to list all the handlers that have been added to the
> XmlRpcServer?


It's a patch for XML-RPC v.2 that adds Java reflection based 
system.listMethods and system.methodSignature support.  It's still 
rather preliminary, and will probably need to be re-written to work with 
XML-RPC 3.0, but it's out there.

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