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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Transfer-encoding type when using streaming
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 06:29:24 GMT

Hi, Emile,

> From what i read about Apache Xmlrpc streaming which is part of
> vendor extensions, streaming is used if request does not contain
> a content-length header. In a streaming mode, I wonder if a
> transfer-encoding is used when there is no content-length in the
> header of a http request (as it is suggested by HTTP 1.1 protocol
> (RFC 2616 sec4.4)), andits name if there is one.

You mean transfer-encoding=chunked, for example? That depends on the
webserver. For example, I do hope that Tomcat would send a chunked
response in that case. On the other hand, the builtin webserver of
XML-RPC (which is httpd 1.0 only) will never send a chunked response.

What is the reason you are asking? Personally, I do not care about the
response being chunked or not. All client applications that I know of
are happy with it.


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