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From Walter Mundt <>
Subject Re: How to use Vector or Hashtable from a PHP Client
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 21:28:00 GMT
Eric BOYER wrote:
> Server :
>    public void testVector(Vector vec) {
>        System.out.println("testVector(vec)");
>        System.out.println("vec : "+vec);
>    }
>    public String testVector() {
>        System.out.println("testVector()");
>        return "OK";
>    }
> ---------------
> testVector() is always executed and I don't know why ...

In XMLRPC 3, at least, method overloading is not supported.  You will 
need to name the methods differently.  This was a deliberate decision to 
drop support (and one I strongly disagree with).  If you want to 
experiment with my patches at XMLRPC-75 in the issue tracker, they add 
overloading support back.

I'm working on another project right now, but sooner or later I'll be 
back on the project in which I'm using XMLRPC.  I plan to submit 
additional patches adding support for overloading, if I can figure out a 
way to do so that is both architecturally sound and acceptable to the 
library maintainer, who has this odd belief that method overloading is 
"too complicated" to support by default or something.

Walter Mundt

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