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From Inaki Ortiz <>
Subject How to set HttpTransportFactory to XMLRpcClient
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 08:33:07 GMT
Dear All,

I was just following the basic instructions on how to set up a

when I realized that both XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory and
XmlRpcLiteHttpTransportFactory requires the XmlRpcClient instance as an
argument to their constructors. However, the sample code present in the
web pages suggests to set the factory in this way:

 client.setTransportFactory(new XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory());

So, what do I have to do? Pass the client instance to the factory
constructor and then set the factory to the client instance? This would
led to a code like this

 client.setTransportFactory(new XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory(client));

A little bit bizarre, isn't it? I wonder if it would it be sufficient to
pass the client instance to the factory constructor like this

 new XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory(client);

Many thanks in advance


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