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From "Mark Petrovic" <>
Subject XmlRpcServlet v3.0 newbie question
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 04:00:56 GMT
Good day.

A newbie question:

On an arbitrary handler specified in, I would like
to call an "init"-like method presumed to exist as a member of that
"Handler" class.

A requirement is that this "init"-like method on the Handler class must be
called from the XmlRpcServlet's overridden init() method.  Problem is, I
cannot think of a way to obtain a reference to the Handler instance from
within the servlet.  I know the Handler instance exists by the time the
constructor of my implementation of the XmlRpcServlet exits.  But, hmm, how
to acquire the Handler instance and call a method on it?

I can restructure my code to work around this problem, namely by making the
servlet itself the handler, but I'd rather not do that just yet.

Any suggestions are most welcome.  I may be missing something quite obvious.



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