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From "Adam Bennett" <>
Subject Does this library provide a request context?
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 22:14:46 GMT
I've got the server and client example code working, (the Calculator),
and I enhanced it to use HTTP basic authentication.  The next thing I
need is for the server to know which user is making the request.  For
example, on the server we have:
package videx;
public class Calculator
  public int add(int i1, int i2)
    return i1 + i2;
  public int subtract(int i1, int i2)
    return i1 - i2;
But instead lets say the result of the subtract() method depends upon
the user who is making the call.  That is, the user supplied during the
authentication process.  I know that if I can get the HttpServletRequest
object then I can query it for this information, but how do I get at it?
Is this possible with this library?

The real need for this steams from the fact that each user has a
different view of the data in our database and thus the response will be
different for each user.

Thanks for your help on this.
- Adam

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