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From John Wilson <>
Subject Re: About the benefit
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 07:38:59 GMT

On 27 Jul 2006, at 08:19, Zhou, Jing (Jing) wrote:

> All,
>     I have used XML-RPC for two monthes, but I don't know the  
> benefit of
> XML-RPC. Can anyone tell me the defference between XML-RPC and  
> other RPCs,
> for example Java RMI? Thanks very much!

XML-RPC allows you to provide a service without worrying about the  
language or operating environment of the client. So clients can be  
written in Perl, C, C#, Java, Python, etc.

If you have control over the client and server (e.g. they are both  
implemented in Java) and you have no need to ever provide your  
service to other environments then I can see very little advantage in  
using XML-RPC.

Java RMI is really at the other end of the spectrum. You need very  
good control over both endpoints (e.g. class file versioning) if you  
want to use RMI successfully.

In the end what you choose is an engineering decision. To make the  
decision you need to know the details of your environment, to make a  
judgement as to how the environment is going to change over time and  
to use you knowledge of the characteristics of the possible solutions  
to choose the mechanism which best fits your needs.

John Wilson
The Wilson Partnership

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