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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Re: Regular errors
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:27:28 GMT

I am sorry, but I am unable to guess any reason for your problems. On
the other hand, you don't provide sufficient information.

First of all, a general guideline: If you are using the thing with so
much load, then I'd definitely recommend that you use a fully blown
servlet engine like Tomcat or Jetty and not the Webserver class.
However, the problems may as well be caused by the general XML-RPC
framework and not by the Webserver class.

Do you have the possibility to install a packet sniffer like Wireshark
(Ethereal) on the machine? If so, I suggest that you trace the network
traffic. If so, you can use a line like

> 25-jul-2006 12:02:57 org.apache.xmlrpc.server.XmlRpcStreamServer execute

to identify a request which has caused the error by using the
timestamp. The important question is whether the client has sent well
formed XML or not.

> While this gives at the client *************************************
> [Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.
> Exception: org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClientException: Failed to
> parse servers response: Premature end of file.

Same question here.

> 25-jul-2006 12:14:07 org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.WebServer log
> org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.Connection$BadRequestException: GET

And again.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the
majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
(Mark Twain)

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