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From DebbieH <>
Subject WebServer request converting data issue
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 19:31:47 GMT

I am a newbie to XML-RPC and am using version 3.1.  I am using the WebServer
class to receive a request from an external partner.  His request consists
of 2 parameters - an integer and a struct.  The struct has embedded XML
within it that needs to remain.  All I want to do is get the struct
parameter as is and dump it to a flat file that will be sent to the shipping
department.  This parameter must retain the XML tags so they can read the
file appropriately.  I am receiving the parameter and outputting it to a
file just fine, except that the XML tags are getting stripped out
automatically.  I've been trying different things to try to get the data as
is, but nothing seems to work.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Here is
the code I was using:

web server class:
public class receiveOrdersServer

	private static final int PORT = 80;
    public static void main(String[] args)
       throws Exception
		WebServer webServer = new WebServer(PORT);
		XmlRpcServer xmlRpcServer = webServer.getXmlRpcServer();

             	PropertyHandlerMapping phm = new PropertyHandlerMapping();
		phm.addHandler("orderDataReceive", orderDataReceive.class);


		XmlRpcServerConfigImpl serverConfig =
		     (XmlRpcServerConfigImpl) xmlRpcServer.getConfig();




handler class:

public class orderDataReceive
   public static final String DATE_FORMAT = "yyyyMMddHHmss";

   private int index;
   private int pindex;
   private Object ordDataObj;

   public int getOrders(Integer numOrders, HashMap orderData)
	    	index = 0;
	  	pindex = 0;
	  	String orderDataStr;

		// output data to file - append timestamp to file name
		String newTime = getNewTime();
		String outFile = "/ShopXML850/inboundfile_" + newTime;

		orderDataStr = orderData.toString();
	      // write file to the directory
	       	FileWriter fileWriter = new FileWriter(outFile);
	       	char buffer[] = new char[orderDataStr.length()];
	       	// set buffer value here
	       	orderDataStr.getChars(0, orderDataStr.length(), buffer, 0);
           	for (int i=0; i < buffer.length; i+=1)
	       	return 0;

Thanks much for your help.
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