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From "Randall Bryant" <>
Subject Re: Performance problems going from 2.0 to 3.0
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 01:40:10 GMT
Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> Randall Bryant wrote:
>> We had been running on 2.0 for about a year the WebServer class.
>> We recently upgraded to 3.0 and changed to use ServletWebServer class.
>> We run our performance tests and 3.0 is almost 3 times slower than
>> 2.0.  Has there been any performance comparisons done by others?
>> Any tips for performance tuning?
> I can imagine that 3.0 is a little bit slower in some cases, but three 
> times as much time sounds extreme. I'd be interested to see more details.
> Jochen

I'll try to give more details.

First, numbers wise:
- Clients initialize by sending 5 different requests to obtain data
- If we run a test of 250 simultaneous clients initializing we see
   + average is less than 5 seconds in 2.0 to complete
   + average is greater than 14 seconds in 3.0 to complete
- If we run a test of 1000 simultaneous clients initializing we see
   + no errors
   + over 300 errors
- In 2.0 we were able to bring up 4000 simultaneous clients in about
   the same time and the same number of errors as 1000 clients in 3.0

- We used WebServer before, now we are using ServletWebServer
- We used to have a max of 2000 threads in 2.0, if we did the same in
   3.0 it ran out of threads even at the 250 client level
- We found that the threads weren't really being pooled because
   XmlRpcServerWorker was not releasing threads in its execute method; so
   we added a call to releaseWorker
- This allowed pooling and eliminated the running out of threads problem
   but the time was still over 14 seconds
- In 2.0 we had keep alive as false, we tried in true and false in 3.0
   with no change in performance

Where do we even start to look for performance problems?  Were there
any performance tests or analysis run between releases?


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