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From "Bellekens, P.A.E." <>
Subject XML-RPC embedded in Jetty
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:46:22 GMT
Hi all,


I am considering embedding the xml-rpc server in a Jetty environment.

Because Jetty is probably much better in handling intensive use than the
Webserver available in xml-rpc.


However, to do this I was considering extending the
org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.Connection class.

Jetty provides me with a raw http request and the Connection class
handles it and returns the result.

(I want a Servlet free environment.)


But unfortunately the Connection class has only one constructor which
takes the following parameters:


Connection(WebServer pWebServer, XmlRpcStreamServer pServer, Socket


Since I do not have a socket (I have the inputstream myself). I cannot
extend this Connection class without causing exceptions.




Is there a better way to let xml-rpc work within a jetty environment?

Or would it be possible to add a empty constructor to the Connection




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